RL6Mans x Wooting

A review of the Wooting analog keyboard

June update

6Mans June Update
Rank changes and more!

RL 4 Mans joins the battle

Brand new competitive 2v2 platform.

Come check it out!

RL 6 Mans November 2019 Update.

Ban appeals, ELO scaling changes, #memes and more...

RL 6 Mans October 2019 Update.

Tons of new stuff.

Hello from Aspire and Wunder.

Just briefly introducing ourselves.


Saying goodbye to 2 great blokes.

May Update

Free 100 keys inside!

April Update

Brand new Easter Event!

March Update

Bunch of little things, but size doesn't matter

The Infamous Rank B+

New year, new me. New season, new rank.

6Mans 2.0

Website Overhaul & plenty of new features!