RL6Mans x Wooting

15/05/2023 |

Hey everyone,
bit of a different post than usual! This is a review for the Wooting 60 HE keyboard by Wooting. They have been kind enough to send me a review sample for me to try and write a review about, so here we are.

Wooting x Rocket League

Analog input is cool!

"What does this have to do with Rocket League?"

So the first question you might be asking yourself seeing this post is "What does this have to do with Rocket League?". To answer that, we will need to understand the main difference between the Wooting keyboard and other mechanical keyboards.

A mechanical switch

Image credit: mechanicalkeyboards.com

What you see on the left here is a mechanical switch. Long story short, this is comprised of a spring-based mechanism which, when pressed down, moves a plastic bit (in grey) downwards, allowing the 2 metal parts to make contact and send an electrical signal. The distance the switch has to travel before activating is called the "actuation distance", and in most keyboards it is a fixed distance which is usually 1.2mm or 2.0mm.

This means two things:

  • A switch can only be either fully activated (100%) or fully deactivated (0%), based on whether the metal parts are making electrical contact or not.
  • After being activated, a switch will have to fully reset by passing through the actuation point again before being able to be toggled again.

An analog switch

Image credit: wooting.io

The main difference between the Wooting switches and other mechanical switches are the fact that they work completely differently. Wooting uses an analog switch, which allows for a precise finetuned activation, which allows the switch to be partially activated (eg. 60%) instead of just the two states offered by a typical mechanical switch (100% and 0%).

Rapid trigger

Rapid trigger is a special feature the wooting keyboard has which allows the switch to reset when it travels a specific distance (which you set in the software). This eliminates the need for it to pass through the actuation point again giving you instant feedback when you release a key.

Rocket League

With this difference between the switches explained, we can now get into the applications of this keyboard for Rocket League.
When playing Rocket League on a normal keyboard, your inputs are all binary. Meaning, either you are either fully activating something or not activating it at all. Examples of this are accelleration, non directional air roll, ground steering, air steering etc.

This is not the case when playing on a controller, which thanks to its analog sticks as well as triggers (L2/R2 or LT/RT) a controller allows for a way more granular input compared to a keyboard.

When using a wooting keyboard, however, you are able to remap your keyboard analog inputs to analog controller inputs, allowing the same type of accuracy you would have on a controller when playing on keyboard (eg. pressing the A key for 60% of its course would be the same as moving your stick for 60% of its limit, instead of either fully activated or fully deactivated).


Build quality

The keyboard is quite sturdy, it has a solid metal base which doesn't really flex or creak. The provided keycaps are double-shot PBT (but you can also go with a cheaper ABS option) and feel very premium. It also comes with a braided usb cable and a detachable cloth tag.

Overall, compared to other keyboards at the same price point, the keyboard is in line with expectations.



Wootility is the software which you can use to cuustomize the your keyboard. It allows you to set specific actuation points based on your keys (which, since they are analogic, can be set to any point between 0.1mm and the bottom out of the key), enable rapid trigger, rebind your keys, set your lightning for the keyboard and a lot more.

I have to say, the first impression of the software left me a bit confused given there were too many layers of customization. After playing around with it a bit though, I was left with an overall overwhelmingly positive impression. You can tell a lot of thought went into designing both Wootility and the keyboard in order to allow the end user to customize pretty much every aspect of it.

RGB customization

Rapid trigger and Tachyon (1 ms response time) mode

Keys remapping

Gamepad mapping

Closing words

Overall, my general impression of the wooting keyboard is overwhelmingly positive and I'm really happy with it, even after using it for a few months.

Given the hefty price point though, I would only invest in one if you are a high level KBM player or fully intend to become one (or simply if you have enough money to spend :P).

A lot of the features feel like a super nice addition compared to your average keyboard, but are definitely not needed if you are a more casual player.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review, wooting has sent a sample with no expectations or script for the review. Opinions are my own.

Take care,