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RL 4 Mans

13/4/2020 |

4 Mans is here, bringing with it all the quality and competitive environment you expect to see from 6Mans.

Read about all the update in this blog post.

Rocket League 4 Mans

New servers, kinda exciting innit.

For a few years now we've been developing into the 3v3 scene, offering an environment alternative to ranked for players to compete.

With the success of 6mans we decided to step into a different category, 4 Mans.

You heard that right, we are opening a 2v2 competive server.

With this expansion, we hope to bring more opportunities for people to come join our platform and play.

How will it work?

The system will work the exact same way as 6Mans does.
It will be a pick up games (PUG) platform for 2v2 games. The communications will still happen by voice chat, and the matches will still be best of 5.

What regions does it support?

For now we have decided to launch with only NA and EU, our 2 most popular 6Mans regions.
However, if the community response is positive, we will be expanding to all the regions 6Mans supports.

What are the ranks?

    Rank E - D1-D3 (Placement ELO: 750, Promotion ELO: 1000)
    Rank D - C1-C2 (Placement ELO: 1100, Promotion ELO: 1350, Demotion ELO: 940)
    Rank C - C3-GC (Placement ELO: 1450, Promotion ELO: 1700, Demotion ELO: 1290)
    Rank B - GC 1600 + 25 * Month in the Rocket League Season (1625 ; 1650 ; 1675; 1700) Ranked MMR (Placement ELO: 1800, Promotion ELO: 2200, Demotion ELO: 1640)
    Rank A - Promo from B or A in 6Mans (Placement ELO: 2300, Promotion ELO: 2700, Demotion ELO: 2140)
    Rank X - Promo from A or X in 6Mans (Placement ELO: 2800, Promotion ELO: 3200, Demotion ELO: 2640)
    Rank S - Promo from X or S in 6Mans (Placement ELO: 3300, Demotion ELO: 3140)
As we will be doing the Rank A, X and S promos manually we ask you to please be patient while we process them.

How are teams selected?

All lobbies are random.

I am Premium in 6Mans, does it carry over to 4Mans?

Yes, it does. If you're premium in 6Mans you do not need to buy premium in 4Mans.

Do my warnings / mutes / bans carry over from one server to another?

They do, as all servers fall under the same umbrella.

Where can I sign up?

Head over to to sign up, or simply click the image!

We can't wait to see you there!

EU Server:

NA Server:

Kind regards,
RL 6 Mans and 4 Mans Staff