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6Mans 2.0


Welcome to the new and improved 6Mans.

We have spent the last 4 or so months coming up and developing a completely new design for our website, including a list of excellent features to further improve your quality of life while you compete in your 6Mans games.


We have been blown away by the support over the last 18 months and we could not be more appreciative for that.

In order to further show our appreciation, a very big part of this update was the introduction of 6Mans Premium, a new way for us to give back to you.

6Mans Premium is a monthly subscription of $2.99 USD which goes back into the server by paying for us to keep the server up and running.

Premium is not required to participate in 6Mans, but if you want to support us, Click here to visit the Premium page and see the awesome features you would gain access to.

Website Redesign & New features

Our previous website, as you may have realised, was incredibly clunky and was difficult to navigate at the best of times, especially on mobile. And hopefully as you can see with this brand new design, as time goes on it will only keep improving.

We plan to use site this to further our communication with the community and improve the overall user experience while playing in 6Mans.

User Profiles

With this update we have introduced individual user profile pages. Here you can see yours or other player's stats, and access your 6Mans settings.

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You can also view other people's profiles by either clicking on their name on the leaderboards, or manually typing it into the address bar i.e and you can look at theirs.


We have added a stats tab on your profile which shows basic stats that we can gather, such as your ELO movement from recent matches, how many wins and losses you have per rank, daily ELO gain/loss and how many games you play per month.

We do plan on expanding this to include more indepth stats, such as goals and saves, but unfortuantely we cannot grab that information from the game without the Rocket League API.


We wanted to have a fun incentive to reward players who play 6Mans, and we thought of no better way to achieve this by adding custom titles which you can get by reaching certain milestones in 6Mans. The categories include:

  • Career Wins
  • Wins in a Single Season
  • Career Total Played
  • Highest Winstreak
  • Time in 6Mans
  • Consecutive Months with Premium
We have started off with a total of 65 titles across these categories and will continue to add more categories and titles as time goes on. If you have any suggestions for titles feel free to message a member of staff or leave them in the #feedback discord channel in your respective server.


With the redesign, we have made it infinitely easier to navigate through individual leaderboards, when you select a region, all of the ranks from that region will be displayed in a navigation above the leaderboard, meaning you can flick through and see who is topping those ranks.

Another feature for the leaderboards that we have added is the ability to instantly find your stats and position within your rank. While you are logged in, go to the top right drop down menu and select My Leaderboard, you will find your name at the top of the list, regardless of your position in that rank. This reduces the time it takes to press CTRL+F and type in your own name to find it.