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RL 6Mans June update

01/06/2020 |

Hello everyone, June is rolling, and we have some changelogs for you, including some ranking system changes.
Read about all the latest updates in this blog post.

Ranks balance

Changes concerning NA and EU
Changes to ranks structure and Rank H

One of the more vocal complaints these last few months was about Rank B being imbalanced, having a wider and wider skillgap and being too easy to promote out of into Rank BPLUS.
Another very vocal complaint has been about Rank C being overpopulated and having a wide skill gap due to it being C3 up to 1700 at the end of the season. With these changes we are attempting to help both situations.

Introducing: Rank H

We will be making the following changes to the ranking system, adding a new rank (Rank H) below Rank E. The rank structure will change as following:

  • Rank H - Diamond 1 - Diamond 2 | Placement ELO: 400, Promotion ELO: 650
  • Rank E - Diamond 3 - Champion 1 | Placement ELO: 750, Promotion ELO: 1000, Demotion ELO: 590
  • Rank D - Champion 2 - Champion 3 | Placement ELO: 1100, Promotion ELO: 1350, Demotion ELO: 940
  • Rank C - Grand Champion 1515 - GC Rank B rank check MMR -1 | Placement ELO: 1450, Promotion ELO: 1700, Demotion ELO: 1290
  • Rank B - Grand Champion 1700 + 25 * Month in the Rocket League Season (1725 ; 1750 ; 1775; 1800) | Placement ELO: 1800, Promotion ELO: 2150 NA / 2050 EU, Demotion ELO: 1640

To allow people to properly play into their rank the new rank introduction will happen as following:

  • Your current Rank and ELO will be shifted to the rank below (eg. everyone in rank B will be moved down to Rank C, everyone in C will be moved down to D etc).
  • You will be able to rank check into the rank above if you meet the MMR requirement.

Please note that the setup process for the ranks will take a bit and as such will not be available as soon as you read this announcement. We will be announcing when rank check becomes available (max ETA: 1 hour) in the #announcements channel on Discord.

As a finishing note I want to give a special shoutout to the person who helped me figure out the right MMR for Rank B rank check by elaborating the Season 4 rank distribution and comparing it to the Season 13 one using the Rocketleaguetracker data. I'm not naming you as I'm not sure you want to be named, but you know who you are. Your help has been invaluable and extremely appreciated.

Rankcheck changes

Starting now, you will only be able to rank check into B once every 3 months. So if you demote, you must play C to get it back, or you will have to wait 3 months from the day of demotion to be able to rank check back into B.

This prevents people from hopping around back and fourth between ranks, which was an issue that has been going on for quite some time.

This 3 month period is in conjunction with people who have already demoted. So for example, if you demoted on April 15th to rank C, and want to rank check back into B, you must wait until July 15th to be eligible!

Reset type

Because of the rank changes the reset is HARD for Rank B and below and Soft for Rank BPLUS, A, X, S. in EU and NA

The reset is SOFT for OCE, SAM, ASIA, ME

New guidelines sheet

We've revamped the guidelines sheet adding more detailed cases as well as a new look. Check it out here.

All rules, information and guidelines have been put into one document for ease of access.

  • The old Player Guidelines spreadsheet has been updated and can be found under the Main Guidelines tab.
  • We have made changes to some of the rules. Please stay up to date with any changes we make by clicking on the Changes tab. Any and all rule changes will be logged there.
  • Detailed explanations of the rules can now be found under the Detailed Guidelines tab. Each detailed rule can also be accessed via hyperlinks on the Main Guidelines tab. (Note: Hyperlinks currently only work on PC)
  • The whole "6Mans Updated Rules // Guidelines" document has been moved to the Additional Guidelines tab with the exception of Smurfing & Alt Accounts, Queue Dodging and Communication, which have been moved to their respective positions in Detailed Guidelines.

In case you missed it

Earlier this month we have added the possibility for premium users to update their premium role color! Premium users can now choose between 5 different premium colors.

If you are premium, head over to #player_settings and type !premiumcolor to change your username color. Available colors: @Premium @Premium 1 @Premium 2 @Premium 3 @Premium 4

If you are not premium, you can subscribe here (or by clicking the button below). For only the price of a coffee (2.99$) a month you'll get access to a ton of features like this one, streamer overlay, queue gifs, profile backgrounds and more, as well as support 6Mans.

Kind regards,
RL 6 Mans Staff