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RL 6Mans November update

01/11/2019 |

Hello everyone, November has rolled around, and we have some exciting news for you.
Read about all the latest updates in this blog post.
This blog post is particularily important for B and B+ players, so make sure to read the full announcement.

Ban appeals

Changes concerning all regions

In an effort to be more transparent with our bans, we have added a new feature to the website, which allows for banned players to appeal their ban. Users are allowed to appeal their ban 4 months after being initially banned and can appeal at

Please make sure you provide as much information as possible in the fields provided.

The appeal will be read by staff in a timely manner and a response will be sent to the user via either discord or email.

Premium #memes

You’ve asked for it, and now it’s back. #memes is now available for premium members.

Subscribe at now and join in on the memeing.

Anonymous queues

After discussing and taking feedback on Anonymous Queueing we have decided to disable it for now.

We trialed it for a month to see how it would function, how the community would take to a change like that and how it would affect each rank and we will continue to think of ways to better RL6Mans and innovate the PUG Competitive scene for Rocket League.

Upcoming features

  • DM on queue pop

  • We will be adding a feature that will have the bot send you a direct message once your queue pops instead of just tagging you.

  • Changelog channel

  • We will be introducing a changelog text channel in Discord. Everyone will have viewing access to this channel. You will be able to react to a role to subscribe to updates regarding the development and changes of RL6Mans.

    Updates and changes of RL6Mans will then be posted in the #changelog channel and users who subscribe will receive a ping each time an update or change is posted. This is another way we want to be more transparent with everyone and make sure all users know what changes are happening within RL6Mans.

    This channel will be maintained by Staff and updated as soon as possible after an update or change goes live on the servers.

Ranks and elo balancement

ELO Scaling changes
All regions

After analyzing the number of games played, as well as listening to the feedback users provided, we have decided to adjust the elo scaling to start at 40 games played.

Every 5 games after that you will gain/lose 1 point, to a max of gaining/losing 4 points.

  • 40 games = Normal ELO gain/loss
  • 45 games = Reduced ELO gain/loss by 1 point
  • 50 games = Reduced ELO gain/loss by 2 points
  • 55 games = Reduced ELO gain/loss by 3 points
  • 60+ games = Reduced ELO gain/loss by 4 points

Rank B+ Game quota Changes
NA and EU

Although we are still keeping the 25 games in 2 months quota, we wanted to make sure that queues were still evenly distributed every month. Which is we are adding a requirement for 8 games a month along with the 25 games requirement.

If you have already played your 25 games, you will still have to play 8 more games during November.

Rank B Changes
NA and EU

Rank B cap has been moved up to 1650, in order to preserve the same skill level for the rank with the Rocket league season moving further ahead.

We are going to employ the following formula = 1600 + * 25 (1625 first month, 1650 2nd month, 1675 3rd, 1700 4th month); with a max of 1700.

This is assuming the Rocket League seasons last 4 months.

Rank C, D and E Changes

NA and EU

After taking your feedback into consideration, we have:

  • Shifted Champion 2 from Rank C down to Rank D
  • Shifted Diamond 3 from Rank D to Rank E.

  • Kind regards,
    RL 6 Mans Staff